ORS 294.305-294.565 are the statutes governing budgets at the local level. Under the statutes, all local governments are required to prepare and adopt annual or biennial budgets following a very specific process. Local budget law sets standard procedures for preparing, presenting and using budgets for most of Oregon's local governments. The City of Waldport's Budget Committee meets annually in April or May to publicly review the proposed budget, receive the budget message, provide opportunity for public input, and recommend approval of a fiscal budget as well as a tax rate or amount of all tax for all funds that receive property taxes. The adoption of the final budget is done by the City Council following a separate public hearing in June. The membership of the Budget Committee is comprised of the City Council, and seven City residents who are appointed to serve three-year terms. The Budget Committee reviews the budgets for the City of Waldport, the Waldport Urban Renewal Agency, and Waldport Road District #3. All meetings of the Budget Committee are open to the public. If you have questions regarding the budget process, the allocation of City monies, or local budget law, you may find the following links helpful:

The Budget Process

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