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The City of Waldport has discontinued the tsunami siren warning system. This was done for several reasons, the primary one being that there are more efficient means of notifying people of a distant tsunami. Additionally, the sirens were becoming old and unreliable, and replacement parts expensive and almost impossible to find. Lincoln County Emergency Services has employed a reverse 911 telephone system, which is designed to warn individuals in an affected area in the event of storms, floods and other potential emergency situations, including tsunamis. Local media and emergency services personnel can also assist in getting the word out. A siren could actually cause panic where none is merited, since a distant tsunami means that there should be plenty of time to gather what is needed and proceed to safer areas. In the event of a local tsunami, the ground shaking should be your warning. So if you feel the ground shaking, DO NOT WAIT for sirens or phone calls, as even the best emergency notification system may not always be reliable. Head to high ground immediately, and wait for authorities to issue an "All Clear" before returning to your residence or workplace.

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